Free Online F1 Race Games – How To Get The Best Racing Game For Free

With all the different racing games that are available in the market, choosing which one is best for you and your gaming experience can be quite a daunting task. There are literally thousands of racing games to choose from and each one is often heavily marketed for good reason, they’re great fun to play.

F1 is the most popular racing game that’s being played on the PC these days. This game was first released in 1995 and since then it has been developed and tweaked to look and feel like it should on the game console. It’s available for purchase from all of the leading online retailers and is always free to play on the websites which sell it.

Like many racing games it has its basic mechanics which makes it enjoyable to play. In this game you start by selecting your driver, the car you are going to race and then you select your style of racing.

Driving can be very fun and exciting if done correctly. In F1 the driving is very realistic and although it isn’t the fastest racing game around, you’ll find that it has a lot more depth than many of the other games. When playing F1 you’ll have many cars to choose from and each will have a number of different settings.

One of the greatest things about F1 is that you can create your own car and if you’re an avid gamer you’ll love the customization feature of the game. However, this is not the only thing that makes F1 a great game. Another great thing about F1 is that it offers players an opportunity to compete against others who are also trying to win the championship.


You can play in either online or offline mode and when you’re playing with friends, you can take part in some tournaments and challenge them to see who the champion is. When you have a friend who has played F1 before, you can challenge them to races to see who has the fastest car. The more wins you get, the higher the score you will get.

If you’re racing against someone online and they win then it does not mean that you are winning overall pace but it can just make you feel really good to know that you’re beating another player who is much better than you. F1 will also allow you to win money so when you have earned more money than you started out with, you can spend it on your car. However, you can only spend your money on your car and it doesn’t expire.

You can also purchase additional fuel and other forms of financial tools that you need in order to compete in the races. You can also join online tournaments to help make your career go along. When you have played F1 for a while, you will quickly learn what your weaknesses and strengths are and this will help you become a better driver.