What You Need to Know About Dirt Rally 2

Dirt Rally is the follow up to the gaming sensation released last year. This game keeps a bunch of the driving features of the previous one, but adds new ones such as rally racing game and car games. As before, you can choose between different kinds of cars that you drive, different kinds of tracks that you race on, and different kinds of activities that you may try to do during your races. The game also introduces new challenges for you to conquer as well.

Character customization has been also revamped for this title. You now have to make a way for your character to look good so you can win all sorts of races. Now the size of your characters is based on your own choice and not on the size of the character of your friends who play with you.

The main driving features are still there in Dirt Rally. In fact, it takes the driving style of the earlier game and makes them more dramatic. The track is now larger and you also get to see a lot more details about what is going on because you can hear the sounds that the environment makes and so forth.

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The graphics and the tracks make the racing even more exciting for the gamer. In this game, you must aim for the finish line and that is achieved by landing on the obstacles and jumping over them. The jump over the obstacles serves as the first element that you need to master in order to finish the level.

However, when you start to play the game, you will find that you have the opportunity to choose between several different kinds of vehicles, and they also have their own set of features and capabilities. There are two types of vehicles which are truck and four wheelers. Each kind of vehicle has its own performance characteristics and unique abilities. You may choose between different kinds of trucks such as the off-road, off-roader, off-roader with off-road abilities, and many others. The four wheelers are basically those that you will use when you are racing against other drivers and the hooner truck is one of the most popular choices for racers. The hooner truck has wheels that are designed specifically for the use of off-road driving but they are able to easily cross short levels.

You also have the option of changing the level of difficulty in the game. There are some levels that are easy enough for a child to play but still quite challenging for a gamer. You can also switch back and forth between all the levels available so you can test the game according to your needs.

Lastly, you have the track capacity and size. These factors can affect the performances of the vehicles as well as the distance traveled on the track. You may choose to increase the track capacity to add more points or the size to lessen the number of laps you need to complete.